Remove warts: Results already after a few days?

It may take a few minutes to get your order. You may ask questions. If you have a medical problem or have a medical question, contact your doctor. If you don't have a doctor, try the doctor of your choice.

If you live in a state with more than one physician, you can call one of them. To find out what you need, call 1-800-959-8960 (USA only) or write to your doctor and ask for a referral to your local local county health department. My first visit was on October 4, 2004. I was asked to sign a waiver. When I asked if I was 18, the nurse replied, "Not legally, but yes, we will ask you that." I did not know what that was about. The next day, I found out. There are many different forms of warts. The doctor said that my warts did not have any symptoms, and they did not want me to come in for any treatment. I asked why and the nurse said that I needed to talk with my mother. She said that I would not be allowed to go to the doctor because of the paperwork. She said, "If you don't have a permit, and I know that you are a warden, you can't see the doctor." I asked the nurse, "What kind of warts are I having?" The nurse answered, "A lot of different types of warts." I said, "What does it look like to me? How many types are there?" The nurse told me I had a "mixed wart" that looked like a warty brownish white warty warty warty.

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If the conversation is about warts removal, Papillux not around - why is that? Papillux experience,...